AeroTurk Expert Team

AeroTurk, which provides training and consultancy services in obtaining EASA and DGCA-TR approvals, aims to respond to your needs in the most reliable and fast way with its expert team.

Our team

  • Worked in governmental institutions such as ICAO, DGCA-TR, EASA and JARUS.
  • Have deep knowledge about ICAO, DGCA-TR and EASA legislation,
  • Participated in national/international audits and
  • Have immense experience in several certification projects, DOA and POA approvals such as
    • Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) CS-23 Cat. aircraft Hürkuş (EASA.IM.A.500),
    • Turkish Seat Idustry (TSI) (EASA.AP.388),
    • Turkish Cabin Interior (TCI) (EASA.21G.0052)
    • Design Organisation Approvals of THY Teknik A.Ş (EASA.21J.418), TRACES (EASA.21J.585)
    • Production Organisation Approvals of THY Teknik A.Ş, TCI, TSI
    • Certification of CS-31HB Balloons
    • STC approvals, minor/major changes and repairs
    • ETSO Authorisation of aircraft seats, tires, cargo pallets, cargo nets, avionics, etc.
    • Certification of Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs), Ultralight, CS-VLA, CS-LSA, Amateur Built and Experimental aircraft

We are committed to fulfill our duties in a quality and timely manner, and to provide a reliable and respected service.

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