Our trainings within the scope of EASA Part-21;

  1. EASA Part-21 (General)
  2. Part-21 Subpart J DOA (Detailed with examples)
  3. Part-21 Subpart G POA (Detailed with examples)
  4. Part-21 Subpart O ETSO (Detailed with examples)
  5. Part-21 Subpart B Type Certification (Detailed)
  6. Part-21 Subpart D, E, M Changes and Repairs (Detailed)

EASA Certification Specifications (CS) eğitimlerimiz;

  1. CS-23 Small Aircraft (Detailed explanation with panel basis)
  2. CS-25 Large Aircraft ( Detailed explanation with panel basis)
  3. CS-E Engines and CS-P Propellers ( Detailed with examples)
  4. CS-31HB Hot Air Balloons (General)
  5. CS-27/29 Rotorcraft ( Detailed explanation with panel basis)
  6. CS-LSA / VLA / VLR (Detailed with examples)
  7. CS-34 / 36 Engine Emission and Noise (General)
  8. CS-UAS Unmanned Air Systems (İHA, RPAS, UAV, Drone, vb.) (General)

Other Technical Trainings;

  • Certification General Training
  • Type Certification
  • CAW of Type Design
  • DOA Flight Test Organisation
  • DOA Cabin Safety
  • Propulsion Systems
  • Composite Materials
  • Safety Assessment of Aircraft Systems
  • EWIS

Note: These trainings are also in compliance with the legislation published by DGCA and related subjects are included in the trainings.(E.g: SHY-21, SHT-21, SHT-AS, SHT-İHA, SHT-UL, etc.)