EASA CS-ETSO Approval of parts, appliances and equipment

The content of training on parts and equipment certification under CS-ETSO published by EASA is as follows;

  1. Intro (EASA, Part-21, TSO, FAA)
  2. What is ETSO Authorisation?
  3. Alternative Procedures to Design Organisation Approval (ADOA)
  4. Certification Programme
  5. ETSO equipment
  6. International Standards / MOPS (SAE, Eurocae, ASTM, EN, etc)
  7. Test Procedures
  8. Application and Approval Process
  9. Organization and Personnel
  10. Responsibilities
  11. Marking Requirements
  12. Declaration of Design and Performance
  13. Authorisation and Limitations
  14. Continuing Airworthiness
  15. Change Classification and Approval