The consultancy and training content given by AeroTurk regarding the certification of Vertical Take-off Landing (VTOL) Aircraft within the scope of the legislation published by EASA and FAA are as follows;

  1. Aviation Legislation (ICAO, EASA, FAA, International Standardization Bodies , etc.)
  2. Type Certification Process
  3. Demonstration of Capability (DOA, ADOA or Certification Programme)
  4. Certification Specification (CS) and Certification Basis
  5. SC-VTOL
    • General
    • Flight
    • Structure
    • Design and Construction
    • Lift/Thrust System Installation
    • Systems and Equipment
    • Flight Crew Interface and Other Information
    • Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMCs)

In addition, information is provided on standards accepted by EASA and FAA.

Please click here to download EASA’s SC-VTOL document.