What is Safety Management System (SMS) in Aviation?

It is a management system required by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in 2006 for aviation organizations and accepted by member states. The Safety Management System (SMS) aims to achieve the following.

  • Identification of hazards that will affect safety
  • Implementation of corrective actions necessary to maintain an acceptable level of safety
  • Continuous monitoring and regular evaluation of the level of safety achieved
  • Continuous improvement in general safety level

What does the SMS consist of?

Four Pillars of SMS;

1. Safety Policy and Objectives

  • Management commitment and responsibility
  • Safety accountabilities
  • Appointment of key safety personnel
  • Coordination of emergency response planning
  • SMS documentation

2. Safety Risk Management

  • Hazard identification
  • Risk assessment and mitigation

3. Safety Assurance

  • Safety performance monitoring and measurement
  • The management of change
  • Continuous improvement of the SMS

4. Safety Promotion

  • Training and education
  • Safety communication

Definitions and Steps for Managing Safety

  • Safety Concept and Accident Causation
  • People, Error, Violation
  • Safety Culture
  • Change Management and Integration of Management System
  • Safety Reporting and Accident Investigation
  • Safety Data Collection and Analysis
  • Hazard and Safety Risk Management

AeroTurk Team Provides;

  1. Modules to establish an SMS for your organization
  2. Electronic tools to maintain SMS in effective way  
  3. Onsite and Offsite audits to monitor level of SMS compliance for all organizational aspects
  4. SMS Progress Reports for each short, mid and long term activities
  5. Action Plans to maintain the safety at the highest level